Family Office

The team at KLI understands the pressures that are put on both your time and money. With more demands on our time than ever before, busy professionals are struggling to meet even the most basic commitments, like catching up with family and friends, or attending the kids’ school assemblies and sports carnivals. And what about opportunities for recreation, personal development, or even a well-earned break? Sadly, there are only so many hours in a day, and the simplest pleasures have become luxuries that feel out of reach for so many. But does it really have to be like this?

For years now, wealthy individuals have been using Family Offices – private companies of professionals who are exclusively dedicated to the investment, personal and legacy needs of one family. This gives the individual comfort that their affairs are being looked after while freeing up time to focus on other, more fulfilling goals. Unfortunately, unless you are worth 50 to 100 million dollars, establishing a full scale family office is out of reach. Instead, people seeking to manage their wealth surround themselves with an ad-hoc collection of professionals. This approach often takes up additional time and can lead to conflicting advice and confused strategies.

KLI has spent considerable time, money and energy in building a genuine Family Office service that is accessible to everyone, no matter your stage in life or wealth. We call it Executive Family Wealth (EFW) and it is our premium service package here at KLI.

As a premium client you set the goals, direction and values for the plan. From there we will pull together your personal EFW team, consisting of KLI employees and outside specialists particular to your situation. This team will work cohesively to provide integrated management of your investment, business, philanthropic and personal services.



The benefits of using the Executive Family Wealth Service:

  • One trusted point of contact – this reduces conflicting advice and miscommunication between different professional services.
  • Less of your time spent on administration and money management, and more of your time spent on the things that truly matter.
  • Real-time expertise and continual review of your personal situation – when government regulations, markets or the economic landscape change, we will adapt and rebalance your plan, allowing you to take advantage of all opportunities.
  • Purchasing leverage, fee minimisation and significant cost savings.
  • Better risk management and simpler compliance.
  • Alignment with your family’s legacy, vision and values.